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Sunday, August 06, 2017 | 1 comments

Party people!
I am finally graduating after 4 years of battles and suffering. Time felt like rapidly flies but a lot of things happened in 4 years span. I am broken and wounded but I made it out alive. As far as I know, I went through storms and came out as a different person. The better version of me. Well, not that much, but at least I tried.

When I was in my first year, I made a goal to wear that pink sash (read: Vice Chancellor Award) again. I had the chance to wear it during my diploma convocation, so I vowed to relive that moment again. That was before I knew the hardships I had to go through. 

In the first year, during the time when your future seems so bleak and you still having very hard time to adapt to new surroundings, subjects and all pressure are thrown to you in every direction, I remembered I talked to one of my housemates, Hajar. It was after the pharmacy practice lab. We finished late in the evening. Usually we took a bus up to our dorm because we were so drained after lab and we didn’t have energy to go up the stairs. 

At the bus stop, while waiting for the bus, I reflected and questioned myself, if this is the right path for me? What if I am not meant to be here? I contemplated about that a lot. I told Hajar, I really want to be able to wear that pink sash again but I don’t know it seems impossible at that moment. Tbh, I don’t remember what Hajar told me but I guess it’s a ‘you can do it’ thingy or something motivational, typical of Hajar. But I am thankful for that moment because it was then when I set my goal.

4 years on, through thick and thin, I am proud to say that I stayed true to my goal. I will be graduating with Vice Chancellor Award. I might be able to wear that pink sash again during my convocation. Well only if I could make a time to attend (but pls I want to attend). Plus I am graduating with the highest CGPA among our batch (tho it was a little bit embarrasing since mine was not that high compared to prev batches). But I am thankful for that. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happened.

I thank all my housemates too. For all the efforts and memories we spent together. I will only kept the good ones and forget all the bad ones. Thank you to my close friends whom I kept bombarded with insecured and anxious messages but still make time to reply with encouragements. Lecturers, thanks for everything and sorry I skipped or slept in your classes. My Final Year Project supervisor, thanks because of you I learnt new things, chemoinformatics? Woww. You are my girl crush, did you know that? You are very cool and I strived to be like you in the future. Wish me luck.

So, afterall, “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.” (Alice in Wonderland)

Signing off my life as a bachelor student.
2013-2017. Cheers.