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shan shan lai le
Friday, September 05, 2014 | 1 comments

how can there be so much fluffiness in a drama. I was drugged.

I was watching Boss and Me (Shan Shan is coming/ comes to eat) and it's tooooooooo fluffy I'm gonna cry because it's too fairytale-like. it's light and  simple drama but I guess it's nice to take a break from k-drama land and watch this kind of drama.

I told you it's not hard to like this drama because Shanshan (played by Zhao Liying) is cute, and it's not annoying kind of cute. she's just cute and you just smile watching her.

and the da lao pan (big boss) is the real eye candy because I always like people of his style. he kept his stoic face most of the time but when he smiles, I melted right away. you know, it's typical character of male lead but I have no complain. anyway lao pan ni hen shuai. wo ai ni!

I am currently on 8th episode and I still have long way to go. It's still on the stage where Shanshan is quite oblivious no she kinda knew lao pan likes her but in denial. it's doesn't help really with lao pan's stoic face. but they are going to happen really soon. woooots.

prays hard the subber is going to sub till ep 33 because yeah I want to watch till the end.