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it's cold it hurts.
Sunday, September 14, 2014 | 0 comments
I had successfully going through the first week of the second year. but I was at home now because le cats was not feeling well because they missed me so much. how sweeeeeeeet, not.

and I am forever homesick because I can.

can't I just be at home and watch drama for the rest of my life? (lao pan, save me please)

I don't know what to feel but I am worried most of the time. the heart never stop beating frantically. it was not healthy. I wish everything is going to be okay. anyway, like I said before, it is the second year of me being a pharmacy student. I've got another 3 years to go. honestly, I am still lost. I still couldn't imagine myself as a pharmacist in the future. and these days, I feel kind of regret not pursuing my dream as a psychologist. but maybe somehow I can end up as clinical psychologist in the future, the one involves with drugs and all that. I wish .

so, good luck to me. good luck and good luck.

and now I am watching Boss and Me. after the first mandarin class, where the only phrase we learned that day was zhao shang hao, I proceed with Boss and Me. without the subtitles. and somehow I could get the gist of what happening with my little knowledge of mandarin from watching too much drama. hahah, and yeah, I think I am good to go with the rest of episodes. yay me.