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cnblue makes you high
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 | 1 comments
24th August 2013, 7.30 pm
Stadium Negara

let me start this with a photo update from Jonghyun in Malaysia saying how he liked Malaysian  food.
okay oppar stop ruining my life T____T

okay moving on.

I always loved to watch live band performance, because the atmosphere is good.
and cnblue is no exception. awesomeness level is to the max. best night I had in a while.
they knew how to work the crowd. I think I feeeeeeeel~ good throughout the concert.
sang along to almost all the songs except Feel Good because it's new. and Idk the lyrics.

photos are not allowed. tsk. had to sneakily take photos. and I was far from stage. 
wish I have a good camera so I could take good photos T.T
so took some and I enjoyed the rest of concert by waving the lightstick crazily.
they started with Where You Are, Get Away, and One Time (Kor. Ver).
"Malayyyyysia... Finally cnblue Kuala Lumphffffur"
and then they introduced themselves with a bit of malay which I found pretty amusing XD
and of course Yonghwa's Sorrrrrrrrijilleo!

the ment was pretty short. they focused mostly on the performance.
there's one time where minhyuk talked about food. he excitedly said that he likes satay.
can i ship this new otp : minhyuk X satay. so cute. and nashiiii lemak too. 
because minhyuk cannot move around the stage, it's hard to focus on him. but I know you look cool drumming.

pork soup couple (jonghyun x minhyuk) decided to ruin our lives by wearing sleeveless. 
bless our country's hot weather. ARMSSSSS!

jonghyun is a purrrrrfect. jonghyun and guitar are the perfect combination. he did countless of jjongasm- I died multiple of times.

waeee you kept closing your eyes jonggggg. urghhh but that's so charming, singing with eyes closed. hahah.
but you did see my board, right? let's not pretend. i knew you liked it~ XD /delusional mode on/

yonghwa threw a lot of fan services. "I love you Malaysia." and he kept declaring his love to us during You've Fallen For Me. I guess that's why he's the ladies' man.
in the middle of ment, he asked, "can I speak korean?" 
hahah he kept screaming and sometimes sang with chipmunk's voice.

he's the energetic one. and sweating a lot too (eww)
and he is indeed the so-called dancing king of cnblue. lol. I cannot XD why yong why. there goes all your charisma.

jungshin is adorable. and tall. with cute engrish. both him and yonghwa did most of the talks.

he's a goddess shin. of course. but he's rarely came to my side. so he's often out of my focus.

I like the ballad part of the concert where they performed Love Light, Y Why, Feeling, These Days (Yong's on piano wooots and Jong's voice is to die for) and La La La. the bold ones are the best. I was in awe. Those are my favourite songs.  and Tattoo, omg they really rocked it! the live version is the most awesome. cried forever for this T___T highly dose of jjongasm.

They continued with In My Head. Then they talked again. Yong said he want to hear our voice. so we screamed. but seems like it's not loud enough for him. so he asked us to be louder. "kuat lagi! kuat lagi!" I died from these simple words. because he gave so much effort to speak in Malay. thanks yong. you are the best XD.

and then Intuition, I'm a Loner and I'm Sorry. and that's it for the main stage.

they continued for the encore stage with Hey You, and the brand new song for Samsung Galaxy Music ; Feel Good. They just released the song a day before the concert (?), that's why I couldn't really sang along and I couldn't stop imagining Yong and the bear. hahahah XD Next was Love Girl and You've Fallen For Me where Yong bragged is popular in Malaysia (lol) and Jungshin sang the first verse wohoooots. oh before that, Yong being weird he is, sang a bit of random song about Malaysia and Jungshin (?) urghh stop yong plz.

then after a session of yeah~ and ho~ with the fans, he said he wanted to see a wave. he ran on the stage. so we did make a wave.  (Yong : amazing! amazing! so amazing!)  and jonghyun's expression seeing the wave was so priceless.

and the fail moment where yong's asked for the left side to repeat him. "Hey Kiri!" but no one responded and then he said "Hey left!" only then people responded. lol funneh XD  yong's fail attempt to speak Malay. or our fail attempt to understand his malay lol.

then they performed LOVE. before the last song, they said thanks to us. jungshin's play the pronounciation game of terima kashiiiih. y know like TErima kasih, teRIma kasih, teriMA kasih. so cute. lemme pinch your cheek please.
"I really wanna come back in Malaysia. Jumpa lagi. Thank you very much. We love you. We really really love you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you for your appreciation, thank you for your screaming...WE LOVE YOU MALAYSIA! ...SAYA CINTA KAMU! see ya Malaysia. thank you very much. we love you."

and lastly, Try Again Smile Again.

I felt like crying. I just want that moment to last forever. and before they finished, Jong used his phone to take photo of fans, and group photo of cnblue.

sobs sobs. I was sad. I want more. but since they promised to come back, I going to keep my hope high.

yes. come again cnblue. you guys are awesome. thanks for an amazing night. we love you too :D

p/s : I found an audio of the concert on youtube. here.
and you can check le tumblr. I reblogged hd pictures from other boices.

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