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wow fantastic baby ♫
Sunday, October 28, 2012 | 0 comments
Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012
October 27th, 2012
Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia

we arrived at Stadium Merdeka at 3.00pm more or less. people are crowding everywhere around the stadium, well this is expected. then we walked to to and from the main entrance to find our entry gate. I don't know after how many rounds, then finally we found it.

so this was the start of our suffering. supposedly the gate need to be opened at 5pm, but almost 6.30pm only then they opened the gate. and to make it worse, it rained. with the rain coat and umbrella and people crowding that place without any space to even stretching, it felt like sauna. I almost loss my mind control. However thanks to Fazi and Meg, I managed to get through the entry gate. thank you guys

then while waited for Big Bang to perform it started to rain again. luckily it stopped when it's time for them to start perform. (yay!)

the only nice photo came out from my camera; I gave up to take any decent pictures eventually and focusing to enjoy the show. hahaha XD

when the light closed, I was awestruck by the sea of yellow lights, so beautiful :')

they started with Alive and then Tonight and I practically screamed my lungs out seeing them on stage. the dream comes true feeling suddenly surrounded me. hahaha XD seeing the handsome Top, I feel like hitting him for being so handsome and cool and cute too. they also sang songs like hands up, fantastic baby, how gee and stupid liar.

GDTOP sang knock out and high high. Seungri did sing a few lines of strong baby and what can I do. Taeyang also sang look only at me and wedding dress and I don't know if he slipped or just pull a stunt because he's even slipped beautifully hahah. Daesung sang his solo song from Alive album, wings.

more songs like gara gara go, number 1, cafe, bad boy; which taeyang pointed out is his favourite song, blue, love song, monster, etc.etc.

I should say I like it the most when they sang lies and last farewell. I feel like crying a river wooooo T.T the memories.

and finally the encore. woooots. they sang bad boy, heaven, fantastic baby... and other songs which I could not remember because my mind is on chaos mode.


some things I could remember they said.
In conclusion, Big Bang was awesome -the fact that we all know.

after the concert ended. 

on the way home, while we waited for afiq to bring us home, we saw traffic police escorting two tinted cars, so we don't know if it was big bang or not however we wants to believe it was big bang. with the blank face we waved to the cars. ahahah I think we look like three idiots. then another car brought TOP I said TOP, y'know TOP and some fan went to knock the window and TOP rolled down the window and accepted the gift from her, lucky girl. so I only see his body. I don't see his face. why oh why. we are so near yet so far. TOP TOP TOP. wooooo TOP TOP TOP I miss you already. come back soon

everything still feels like a dream :)

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