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Wednesday, November 07, 2012 | 0 comments
I've done watching The Greatest Love recently.

at first I doubt this drama is going to be good since I am really bias towards the cute and young actors.
cha seungwon is 42 this year, so I thought this going to be the kind of drama that moms love to watch.
but I should  say this, I was wrong, really wrong.  this drama's awesome. yay!

and dok ko jin is a funny character. the way he talked and laughed are hilarious and even though he's old, he has this certain charisma that makes women swoon over him.
plus he is sweet (but annoying, in a good way) too. awwwwww /dokko line/
I laughed my ass off when he sang GD's Heartbreaker. lol lol lol

and I really like gong hyo jin too. she's a good actress, I must say :D

woooooots for this drama  and the OSTs too.

so. what should I do now? why I have nothing to do I am bored already. sigh
anyway, next month woooots my cow kigurumi yayy yayyyy~
come to mommy faster. hihihi hik