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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | 0 comments
In the middle of studying for chemistry test which had been postponed till tomorrow, I stop for a while to write something, just to ensure my brain will not be exploded from memorizing things too much.

but I still didn't have any interesting topic to write today. so at the moment, I write random things just to make sure I still sane, but why do I feel that I have lost my sanity long time ago.

suddenly an idea came, and I still contemplate whether I should write this thing or not because this thing will really testing my sanity. oh well, maybe I should write this. for the sake to remind myself to not playing around anymore and just focus.

final exam. you read it clearly? yes, it is indeed the final exam. the thing that keep haunting me throughout this semester and finally, it coming soon. real soon. by what I mean real soon is it is on next Wednesday, April 20th. and the first paper is CALCULUS. so, why don't you, you and maybe you , together with me, screaming together till the end of night? yeah. let's go.


but what should I do then? Even Jang Geun Seuk cheers me on , so I have to do the best then. sigh.