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Still failing at life but YOLO.
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merepek kerepek
Thursday, November 18, 2010 | 0 comments
sakit jantung. heart attack. I'm too immersed in that story.
seriously, suspen gile citer tu, baca sambil tahan nafas. mohohoho :)

the author still write a-gang-life story but more scary and not really lovey dovey. how the woman tried to escape from the life and how strong the woman is cannot be described by words. If I'm in her shoes, I'll probably have gone insane from all the tortures. for the god sake, she's not living a normal life :(

and yohoooo jaejin. I love when you update your blog. ngeeee! make sure you'll try to update your twitter too, okay? post more selcas . I'm in cloud 9 every time I see your updates :)

haha. harihari dating dengan jaejin depan laptop. :]
jangan bosan dengan dia sudahlaaah.

tapi dah 3 tahun kot, he never fail to make my heart goes DUP DUP DUP :)
long distance relationship is really tough, when we can meet again, jaejin- kun? :o

the last time we met in person ; 29 March 2008.
it's been 2 years already. come meet me again yo!
Korea and Malaysia is not really far away. heck you always come to Singapore and Thailand,
why don't you spend a bit of your time to visit me?

I hate you. nahhh I like you :)

ok. syok sendiri ohhh tulis macam ni. ahaha. sapa kisah? suka hati akulah. blog aku.

keluar ke pagi karang?
ntah pukul bape aku tido ni, dan ntah kul bapelah aku bangun karang.
kalau nak kuar, kena inform awal awal. hah!

banyak betul aku merepek kat blog aku, patutlah takde orang nak baca blog aku. hahaha (sedih sebenarnya.)

oklah. adios wei!