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BEL 120 writing exercise.
Thursday, October 28, 2010 | 0 comments
okay. tomorrow is BEL 120 paper. I don't know what I should study for BEL. maybe I can try to write my post in full English today. I don't know why but seems like my English has been worse day by day. I should do something, but I don't have enough time now, the exam is tomorrow. 0__0

there's a essay question on the last page of my book. maybe I should write it here because the topic is quite fun. :)

The qualities that women look for in men.

Every woman dreams to have a perfect man in their life. Who wouldn't, right? A right man in woman's life can lead us to the everlasting happiness. That's why women spends lot of their time to really know the man because one mistake, their dream of happiness will be vanished.

Different woman has different taste for a man. For me, the first quality that I look in a man is his level of intelligence must be higher than me. I don't ask for a genius like Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss but I just hope that he is smarter than me. So, he can help me throughout my work, gives me advise in education and brings motivation for me to success in my life. This is really important criteria that I look in a man.

Besides that, he must be a good person. A good person in my life's dictionary means he has religious knowledge and is gentleman. As a muslim, the man should know how to lead the solat or in other words must know how to be an imam to his family. Another point, he must be a calm and gentle person. For me, I really despise rude person especially the one who's always cursing bad words, yelling to other people or even beating other person. Seriously, these acts are not cool.

As for me, I also have to look for the appearance of the man. I shouldn't lie because appearance is really important as he will be the man I will see everyday. He should not be a dirty looking man, and know how to choose their outfit. It's a plus if he not grows his beard or mustache. I think a clean looking appearance is important to win any girl's heart.

This is just the ideas of what most women look for in men. Of course like people say, love is blind. When you love the person, everything in him is good and you will never remember what your ideal type of man anymore.

(339 words)

* * * *

the end. this is just a writing practice. most of the point is added just to give juicy sentences for the essay :DDDD