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[Lyric]After Love/ Saranghooae
Saturday, August 23, 2008 | 0 comments
lyrics for FT Island's titled song-->

After Love
Saranghooae - F.T Island

nae sarangira saenggakhaetgo
nae jeonburago saenggakhaetgo
nae majimagi dwil sarang keuge neorago miduseo

neo hanamanul wihae uhtgo
neo hanamanul wihae salgo
keuge haengbokilggeorago ni sarangul medeotnunde

modu da geojitmaliya da geojitmaliya
neoui sarangul da geojitmaliya
eetorok apeuge haeseo
nal sulpeuge haeseo ulrego gan sarangijanha

namanul saranghandago nal jikyeojundago
neoui sarangun da geojitmaliya
nae maum da gajyeogago sarangdo gajyeogago
ddeonanun gei sarangijanha

han saramege sarangdatgo
han saramege sarangjugo
keu sarami neoilggeora babocheorom midununde

** repeat

sarangiranun malun geojitmal
sarangul handan maldo geojitmal
yeongwoniranun maldo geojitmal
dolraondanun yaksokmanul naege namgin chae
keudaenun eodiro (jakkuman meoleojijanha)
keudaenun eodiro meoleojigo meoleojyeodo
nanun neo hanamanul saranghae

neo dashi dolaoolkkabwa naegero ulggabwa
nanun sarangul dashi mothajanha
eetorok apeuge haedo nal sulpeuge haedo
neo hanaman gidarijanha

modu da geojitmaliya da geojitmaliya
uhri ibyeolun da geotjimaliya
niga nae saranginikka nae jeonbuinikka
neo hanaman gidarijanha

credits:Music Bugs

for the english translation!!click HERE!

credits for the english translation:ktinsj