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Wednesday, November 18, 2015 | 0 comments
I think my mentality and my skin just reach its puberty. There were some times I acted too childish. I feel like rebelling these past few days. And when the harm was done, guilty strucked me but my pride is too big, I don't want to ask for forgiveness. but damn it's not my fault to begin with. But I did make things worse by behaving that way. Still....

and damn this acnes and pimples. y u no came out when I was a teen, at least I have puberty reason. now I look awkward with all these adult acnes.

on the bright side, hey I'm enjoying this korean drama; Bubblegum. Usually there are few reasons why I watch a drama.
and this drama has everything I like. For now, I think it is interesting. Lee Dongwook is to die for because he looks so cute and his character is very sweet. And I like Jung ryeowon's outfits, damn she's pretty. Their chemistry is very good (thumbs up) and I like the environment of this drama, I think it's lively and beautiful.

I was laughing the whole time watching Dongwook and his sugar-filled sweetness I could be diabetic Type 2 for him.

life is very sweet in the middle of the storm. heh.
need to write my literature review. and all other things need to be done. gulp.