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semester break in summary
Friday, August 14, 2015 | 0 comments
I watched this Taiwan drama called Murphy's Law of Love as a way to improve my mandarin and preparing for the next semester mandarin class (it is an excuse). I guess I miss the feelings of watching a drama full of cheesiness. hahaha it's cheesy but it's okay since it's cute. afterall I need some cheesiness in my very dull life right now. lol.

semester break is almost over... and I need to be prepared to welcome third year as openly as I can because it is going to be hardest year. well, that's the kinda thing I heard from others. They said if you can go through the third year, then no worries, you are safe to graduate.

O god, give me strength that I think I never have so I can safely go through every obstacles. please.

and what I've done this semester break? heh not much really. because my definition of holiday means getting comfy at home. I don't really like going out. mostly I am hibernating indoor. wear pajama and drama marathon all day, without caring how horrid I looked. best feelings ever!

went for one-day-food-hunting trip to Penang with elfs. good food bring out the happy me. fetched qilah from airport the next day. went to Dip n Dip with elfs and straight to Putrajaya to rollerskate for the first time. pfttttt very noob weih.  karaoke-ing few times with my permanent partner of crime; fazi. went to Sweet Tree for korean food with meg and fazi. the place is too cozy I feel like sleeping there.

and alsoooo welcoming my newborn nephew, Noah Miqael. awwww Tiyuy is very happy to see you.

well I'm with people that I like so I am very content. that's the thing that matter the most.

goodbye for now.