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one great step in Malaysia
Friday, November 01, 2013 | 0 comments
19 October 2013
7.30 pm

this fan account is long overdue because I am busy. blame those tests and classes. tsk
I still couldn't absorb the fact that I've watched INFINITE live. it's so surreal I cannot believe myself.
but I was there, holding hoya's board, tried to get his attention, and actually succeed- well according to the le friends, because I was an idiot who couldn't realized it. HOYAAAAAAA (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

arrived at the stadium at about 7pm with suegus, meg and azi (meg's sister). because our seats are numbered seats, we arrived like a boss, no need to queue for hours hohoho but still one side of my body is drenched because it's raining and the organizer still didn't want to allow us into the stadium a little bit earlier. nappeun noms.

and no picture because the security is a douche. if you think blue moon's security is strict, well that is nothing compared to this. this is my first time encounter such a strict security system. I mean what is your problem? I threw so much money for this and I couldn't even take some photos. I should just threw my camera to your face but I was a kind soul, so nah.

so, they opened the concert with Destiny, Tic Toc and Paradise. and I was screaming my lungs out for them. so perfect they were T_____T

they introduced themselves "Hello we are Infinite!" and continued introducing themselves individually in malay. 'sunjong yang comel', 'hoya lelaki yang bergaya' and 'sungyeol lelaki seksi'. ROFL
and couldn't forget nam woohyun's hearteu, he threw them everywhere.

nam greasy continued to flatter us in malay. 'kamu semua masih sangat cantik.' lol.
and hoya : adakah kamu semua rindu kita? and I couldn't really comprehend their english, it's so much easier to understand their malay. hahah you guys are born to speak malay XD

they continued their performances with Wings, Inception and during Can you smile, they came forward at the extended stage and sat there and I could admire those faces one by one. T____T and then going to you.

and for their solo stage, sungjong and sungyeol DJ-ing together. INFINITE H continued with random rapping and their Special girl performance. they came back as Infinite and performed In the summer and I like you. next was myungsoo's solo stage, Love u like you. he's cute with the bear and guitar and I love how shocked he was when he saw the bear fell from the bench aigooo myung you are so adorable :) then woohyun's Beautiful. the dance was so cute it makes me want to dance along with him. hearteu some more. and sunggyu's 60 seconds. I should say I really like this band performance. sunggyu you rock!

they started to talk again. and Infinite managed to surprise us when they sang Rasa sayang, a Malaysian old folk song. hahaha I died. because they are adorable. they continued with Mom, Still I miss you and Nothing's over. during Entrust, we did the ribbon project. then, Cover girl, Be mine (omaigod I died again during this), Before the dawn, Man in love and The chaser. thus, they concluded the main stage.

fans screaming for an encore. and they came back with Dashi dorawa, Hysterie and lastly With. I could cry forever during with because it's the last song. and I want some more. and we also did the handbanner project. the boys were tearing up during their last speech. it's okay boys. don't be sad. wooooo T___T

I miss you guys already but come when I have lots of money because I am poor student right now.
sobsss 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

last but not least.


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