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Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 0 comments
I miss pilah's fresh air that did good to my skin. at least I barely had break out there.....

ok whatever. I am bored, that's why I am here to write random things. 
oh hey, new blog song! because I love Roy Kim but he's younger (sad). good thing he looks older. yay.

everyone has something to do but I am here, rotting in le house. and it's lonely too. sobs. and since yaya is not living here anymore, I don't really have activities to do together. at least when she was here, she would cook late night snacks for me and we could watch movies together and gossiping around. and yes I am butthurt here. 

good thing oppars are making comeback soon. at least I could drowned myself with all the fangirl feelings.
yay for infinite, beast and bap (wait they are not really oppa but whatever) comeback. hiks.

and ft island should comeback soon too. but I guess promoting in Japan is a good thing too. theory of happiness is すごい :)  this is on repeat mode. heheh and yay for the outdoor music video.

it's about time. byebye. selamat bersahur. and selamat berpuasa :D

p/s : I am excited for #bluemooninMY. but it's still a long way to go.