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Saturday, June 29, 2013 | 0 comments

(Beast, 4 Minute, G.Na)
27th June 2013 8.00pm
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

my wish that I wrote back from July 2011 is finally fulfilled :)
beast oppadeul, we finally met. together with 4minute and
and what's more awesome : I got free ticket.  I need to give all hugs and kisses to mama for getting me a free ticket. and yay rock zone! it's nearer to oppars but because I am an old lady, standing is such a suffering.

I went there around 5pm and feeling very awkward because I couldn't spot any other fans and the stadium filled with AIA staffs in red. I am very lost. I was expecting people to line up- y'know like any other concerts. after walked here and there, I finally spotted them lining up at the stairs. I joined them then waited till the time we could go inside. 

concert started around 8.30pm, it's a little bit late.

the first performer is beautiful G.NA wooots :D
skinny G.NA there's no ounce of fat on your body I envy you. you're so pretty T__T

I was amazed because I could sing along to most of her songs although I'm not really a fan. hahaha :D

and junhyung appeared for little while, rapping for I'll back off so you can live better, almost succeed in making heart bursts. damn teaser! 
I liked it the most when she sang black and white, that's my favourite track from her. 
and she was the translator throughout the concert :D why son dongwoon, I thought you could speak English, so y u need a translator?

4 minutes was next. pretty goddesses. sobs. they started off with their new track, what's your name.

and once again, I was amazed because I sang along wow. 
paen asked me to capture lots of hyuna's photos. well I tried but my camera fails me.

sang along quietly because I am coughshycough and I was saving my energy for opppars.
but of course 4minute is awesome :D

and yay heart to heart, H.U.H, hot issue! I like those songs.

and finally....BEAST OPPADEUL!!!

I was screaming so loud the moment they appeared on stage. omaigod, heart was thumping so loudly and I could feel the adrenaline rush. why you bunch of gorgeous people I am so in love with you guys. sobsss.

they started with beautiful night and the screaming from the crowd was deafening.
I was awestrucked because of course seeing them in front of my eyes is like a dream.

son namshin really lives up to his name. you were blinding my eyes dongwoon. haha XD

yoseob was very friendly, he keep smilling and waving and threw his aegyo to us, I died.

hyunseung looks like key with his blond hair. I was confused for a few seconds when he appeared on stage.

and hyunseung was expresionless and some said because he was sick (?).

Even when fans in front of me screaming crazily for him, he only looked at them with blank look -__-
but of course he looked pwetttty hahah. very defined jaw line I must say :D

doojon was wet at the end of performance because the members threw water to him. well they played around for a while, ran and splashed water on the stage.

gi kwang is being gi kwang. ohhhh so handsome :D

junhyung, yah junhyung! I almost got heart attack why u purfffffffect namja sobs.

and I caught you looking at me for a few seconds. let's fall in love together hahha XD

they sang on rainy days, my all-time favourite song. never get old lah this song. 
and they also sang will you be alright for the first time. we are the first country to hear this live!

how very lucky. and it's was my favourite track of them for this moment. could I cry again? T___T
and junhyung amazed because we could sing along since it's new song and plus it was composed by him. so, he's feeling pretty good. he laughed(?) when rapping his part because... I don't know. I thought he was crying at first. hahah.

they also sang shock, special, fiction, beautiful, bad girl, freeze, I knew it (not in particular order).

so beast. amazing beast. thanks for making my week.  I love you guys sobss.
and bonus, will you be alright fancam - since it was my favourite performance. /crying a river/. 

cr ;OplusT 


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