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Friday, June 07, 2013 | 0 comments

...Do you know FT Island?
...Do you know Primadonna?

every time I see FT Island, reality hits me telling me how I have grow older.
because it seems like they are with me since forever. 

six years wow. six freaking years since they literally ruined my life.

it is considered long to me. 
I was amazed how could I even survived six years with these bunch of idiots, without any heart complications. these guys who makes my heart bursts for just existing. 

many have changed yet there are some things that remain unchanged. 
like hongpoop's never-ending obsession with jin's hair. or bob's operation to bring the hyungs down. 
lol kidding kidding.
I could see they have grow up in terms of music-wise but they are still the same dorks who never failed making me laugh.

dorks who are serious when it comes to their music,
dorks who work hard to improve their skills for us fans,
dorks who has experienced hardships but still managed to smile brightly at us,
dorks who are forever kids in heart,
dorks who called their fans idiots because they love(?) us too much. tsk

Happy 6th anniversary. 
Keep going, don't ever stop.

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