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A taciturn female with Peterpan complex.
Still failing at life but YOLO.
爱 books, fanfiction, shoujo manga, drama, band music, acoustic songs, FT Island and cats.
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Friday, September 24, 2010 | 0 comments
aha. this is the first time my secret is exposed. I do feel a little shy but after thinking for a short time, I don't really care actually. aku bukan buat benda salah pon tapi kalau boleh janganlah diheboh-hebohkan ye. :) ok, move on.

I just finished my BIO test, and sigh I know this going to happen anyway. bacabacabaca tapi tak boleh jawab. = . = tulah lulu, waktu cuti hari itu tak nak baca. padan muka kau.

hahaha. I want to nap first. byebye. see you later.