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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | 0 comments
malas ohh nak tulis panjangpanjang.

anyway, let's start now. wooooohoooo!

raya! this year, raya at kampung because ibu wants to. so, this raya is the boring one because I'm alone there. good thing I have vee with me, or else I gonna die! but the happiness didn't last long, the monsters a.k.a my cousins who is all boys and so young and energetic or in other word = NAKAL! kept disturbing me. nasib baiklah makbapak korang ada kat situ, kalau tak dah lama aku jeritjerit. you should know, me + kids = disaster! I always ends up being bullied by the kids.

so, inroducing to you all, budakbudak nakal~

and by the way, this year I became more feminine, hahaha :p I started wearing wedges
wooooooooot woooooooot! and thank God I didn't fall yet. and of course I hope I will not fall in the future or else it will be so embarassing = ////=

hah! there's more tapi nantilah. wait eih, later when I upload the pictures I gonna continue this,