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20 Day Picture Challenge
Saturday, September 18, 2010 | 0 comments
I took these on tumblr and I gonna post here, because somewhat it interesting.
so, say good luck to me. woooooooot!

20 Day Picture Challenge
Day 1; Your facebook Profile Picture

Day 2; A Picture of You and Your Sister/Brother

Day 3; A Picture of you and you and your parent/s

Day 4; A Picture of you and your relatives

Day 5; A Picture that made you laugh

Day 6; A picture of one of your favorite piece of clothings

Day 7; A picture you took

Day 8; A picture that makes you sad :(

Day 9; A picture that makes you angry

Day 10; A screen capture

Day 11; A picture of you unamused

Day 12; formal pic

Day 13; A picture in a place you love

Day 14; a yummy picture

Day 15; the longest profile pic you had

Day 16; A picture with you wearing an accesory

Day 17: A want

Day 18; Choose to post: your favorite blog, or your followers

Day 19; Choose to post: “him or her”, or an ugly picture of you

Day 20; Choose to post whatever you like