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FT Island in SGB
Sunday, October 05, 2008 | 0 comments

Finally, T^T<--tears of joy i had finished my chemistry folio!! hahahahaha!!so happy^^ but i only did 11 pages [including front page and content] is it enough?? whatever laa!!i'm tired to re-do it!! still got agama's work to do!! lazy to do it!! never mind,will do it later!!will i?

it's 5th day of Hari Raya!!
why i love to count it?
many relatives came..
and that's means i got more DUIT RAYA!!
finally,i've got enough money to buy FT Island's 2nd album part 2!!
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lol!!drunken master!!

woa!!Hongki really cute

cred: ental + pandan@soompi

this time only Hongki,Jonghoon and Minhwan be the panelists!!
the MC asks them about girlfriends.
and Hongki talked about how good it is to have girlfriend during autumn^^
Then the MC asked Minhwan if he's ever dated a girl before.
so he talked about how he had a girlfriend when he was in middle school, 1st year.
but it wasn't like a real relationship and they only went out by chatting
and then one day she sent him an sms saying "let's break up"
and so he didn't know what else to say back.

lol!!what a weird relationship!!
it's ok,Minhwan!!
the girl must really regret coz broke up with him!!

btw,check out this video!!

credits;ental + 진이너무예뻐