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Saturday, September 13, 2008 | 0 comments
just want to sharing my experience seeing FT Island in person!
i'm not like any other fans that stalking them all around[although i really want to],
because i don't really have time to stalk them!
school is my obstacle.TT__TT

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one of the important day in my life!
i went late to Cineleisure Damansara!
because i had anugerah kecemerlangan that day!!
after that anugerah finished, i went home as fast as i can!!
then,changed my clothes and wait for my friends[sue,magu,fuzy] to come!
and i also have to wait for cik biah as she became my driver that day!*ceh*
after everyone had reached,we started our journey to the west Cineleisure!
before we arrived at Cineleisure,we are totally lost!!coz we never went to Cineleisure before!
then,when we almost reached Cineleisure,i saw many FT Island's buntings everywhere!!
owh man,i became totally insane and really excited!!

so,we took a step into Cineleisure,
and many fans had arrived before!
i thought i gonna be late,
but then i noticed FT Island's don't arrived yet!!
so,we took our spot in the corner of the stage!!
another sad story,i can't get their autographs,
bcoz i didn't bought the CD from CI Entertainment!!
lame reason!!
waited and stands for long time,but still, FT island didn't arrived yet!!
then the guards told us to sit down,
so we sat down!!but the spaces is too small!!
while waiting for FT Island,the organizer made the fans play some games..
they gave out the tickets for the concert as a prize!!
i saw a girl sang FT Island's love sick and a boy who sing FT Island's until you comeback!!

then,the fans started to scream and everybody had stood up!!
so i also follow them to stand up!!the fans had started sceaming and singing FT Island's songs!!
i saw Jonghoon went on stage!!
then i saw the rest members of FT Island!!
i froze for a seconds until i realised them!!
omg!!they look so fair and white!! i thought i had a saw waxes!!
Jonghoon is really handsome that day!!
Hongki with his ponytail like a samurai!! cute!!
Minhwan also looks like a cute chicken!!they said Minhwan did not feeling so well that day!
Wonbin wore sleeveless that day!!and he is so smexy!!hehehehe
Last but not least,Jaejin,my prince charimng!!hohoho!!
he wearing hat and white outfits!!omona~so adorable!!*fainted*

they introduced themselves!!
and Wonbin,Jaejin, and Jonghoon*i think*
said APA KHABAR to their fans!!hohohoho..
then they MC asked a few questions to them!!
actually, i can't hear anything coz the fans are kept screaming
and i also kept screaming JaeJin's name!!!
screaming like hell!!
but it's NOT fruitless!! Jaejin waved his hands to me!!*fainted for the 2nd time*
and fuzy also kept screaming Wonbin's name!! and Hongki and Wonbin looked at her with weird expression!!
but,that day Hongki looks unhappy!!i'm got scared by his expression!!
why Hongki??Why??U don't like Malaysia??
but i know Hongki is not cold-hearted people!!i understands your feelings,Hongki!!!
it's ok!!although i felt like want to smashed u that time
we waited and watched them until the autograph's session finished!!

forget to mention,
the guards are really rude to fans!!
one of the guards-we called him uncle moveback becoz he kept telling the fans to moveback-
is really scary u know!!
and i don't know my feelings!!happy bcoz i got to meet them??or sad bcoz i didn't get the autographs??
waiting for cik biah to fetch us,but she came too late..
so i had to apologized to my friends' parents bcoz kidnapping their daughter for too long!!
SORRY,pak cik and makcik!!don't blacklisted me!!
at home,i kept telling my experiences to my mother
and tell them i can't wait for tomorrow!!and so excited!!

i woke up early that day coz i'm too excited!!
then,sue sms-ed me and telling that FT Island is on radio!!
but i'm too late!!i only can heard them saying bubye!!
but,they kept playing FT Island's song on the radio!!

then at 5.30 pm,i get ready to went out to Sunway Lagoon!!
needs to wait for my cousin to come!!
but she was late you know!!
still needs to accompany her to JJ!!
omo~we needs to hurry!!but you wasted time!!
after that,we hurriedly went to Sumway Lagoon!!

at 7.10 pm,i arrived at Sunway Pyramid!!only 20 minutes left for the concert's to start!!
coz we don't know where the Sunway lagoon Amphitheatre is,
so we asked the guards there!!
then the guards say that the place is really far from here!!
and he told me the really really shocked news,
he told me that the concert had been cancelled!!
at first, i didn't believe him!!

so we just went to Sunway Lagoon amphitheatre,
and saw many fans waiting outside the gates!!
ok!!now i'm telling you,that time my heart is already broken!!
my cousins asked one of the fans there,and we confirmed that the concert is really had been cancelled!!
so,we sat down and i called my mother and told her what's happen!!
i talked to her like usual,like nothing had happened!!
but when sue called me,and i told her everything,,
i don't know why my tears started to flow!!
then after waited for the sometimes and hope that the concert gonna start but nothing happened,
so we made a desicion to go home!!

we went to CC coz that time i don't have net connection at home,
and opened CI Entertainment's website!!
they told us that everything had been prepared but suddenly the concert had been cancelled!!
then,when i went home,i cried out loud in room!!
My father said to my mother not to bother me!!bcoz i really need some times to calm myself!!
ouh,my father really undestands me!!i love u,abah!!
owh..such a bad day!!and i had to go to school tomorrow that time!!


at school,alyaa kept asking me about the concert!!
coz she don't know anything about the cancellation!!
i don't know what to reply,coz i'm really heartbroken that day!!
thanks to fuzy,coz being my manager that day!!
and told alyaa not to bother me!!THANKS A LOT,BEST FRIEND!!

so that's all i think!! i already told you,
i'm not stalking them like mad!!
coz i don't have time!!
i just went to Cineleisure and sunway Lagoon!!
i'm a bad Primadonna right??

after everthing had happened,i still support FT Island and loves them a lot!!
coz i'm their PRIMADONNA forever!!

some of the content in this fan account had been cut becoz the writer is too lazy to tell you everything!!SORRY!!!
and maybe my informations is not really right,
bcoz this incident happened 6 months ago!!
so i didn't really remembered everything!!SORRY AGAIN!!

taking by me!!
but only the introducing time!!
coz other videos are full with our screaming!!sorry!!


Even if you hurt me,
Even if you makes me sad,
There is no one else like you

so long and good nite everybody!!^^