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a Day in fuzy's house
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 | 0 comments
woke up late today!!
coz it's holiday!!
but meg destroyed my sleep!T^T
she called me
but i don't really hear what she said coz i'm too sleepy!!
then after i'm fully awake,
sms-ed meg,but she didn't reply!!

then,turn on my computer
and online,online and online!!
then at 3 pm,fuzy sms-ed me and told me to go to her house!!
that time,i didn't took shower yet,
and i was kinda blur and don't know what to do!!
then i just ignored her!!hehe
then fuzy sms-ed me for second time,
only then i rushed into my bathroom

then,after reached fuzy's house,,
saw meg on fuzy's laptop!
and fuzy kept complained about the weather!!
yeah,today's weather is HOT!
and meg are touching with fuzy,
coz fuzy spent more time with somebody else than her.

then,the three KINGs made a journey to CEKAL!!
after that,went to fuzy's home again!!
and playing with the alphabet,like a kindergarden kids..
i'm such a PRIMADONNA! FT Island LET'S GO~

but in this very holy month,
we spelled bad words!!
Honestly,we are not bad teenagers!!we are normal~
don't judge us from this things!!we are not trouble teenagers

let's me explain!!
we don't support SETAN..we are happy becoz now they are tied in HELL

no idea why we spelled this words

*being bashed by all the PRIMADONNAs*..hahaha..just joking!!

before we went home,
fuzy gave us this things..
wah~so beautiful!!
thanks a lot^^!!

our FRIENDSHIP BELTS!!..let's be BEST FWENDS forever,k?? kita kan KING!!



i'm jealous!!although i know she is his sister!!
they are really cute siblings!!
his sister is adorable!!
JaeJin + Chaewon;FIGHTING!!
CREDITS; Cyworld + Kiko@FTICN + Sherteuk
ie <3@soompi

omo!!*drooling over HONGKI*
wah!!he such an adorable guy!!
*beat him coz too adorable*

hongki for you!!

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