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Boycotting him part I
Thursday, September 18, 2008 | 0 comments
i'm boycotting JaeJin right know!!
because we had our fight!!*ceh*

i'm doing some FT Island's quiz..
so this is the result^^
i just doing it one time^^
no repeating!!

FT Island
You will marryJaejin
The one who took your V-card was Wonbin
You will have this many kids: 1
He will love you for7 years
He will be attracted by your body

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duh??gonna marry JaeJin??i'm BOYCOTTING him!!
and wonbin gonna accept my valentine
's card???he's my brother ok??
only 7 years??it's ok!!i can't find new bf!!
attracted by my body

the second one,

I LOVE FT Island
Who likes you? Jaejin
You like?Minhwan
Would you marry the guy you love? No
Will he like you back?Yes
Who would you choose betwee n Hongki and Jaejin? Jaejin
Would this guy like you back? No
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i know Jaejin likes me..but we fought!!T^T
i can't like Minhwan!!he's my little brother!!

and the last one

FT Island is my boyfriend?!
Favourite Color
Your Boyfriend is JaeJin
You are gonna marry JaeJin
You will have this number of kids 2
He will love you because of your cuteness
This quiz by definel0ve - Taken 438 Times.
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i know!!
no need to tell
our kids;one boy and one girl

still i'm BOYCOTTING him!!
how could this happen to me??