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kpop concert (hari belia 2012)
Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 0 comments
Hari Belia.I don't even like crowded place but the main reasons I was there are of course, U-Kiss and Teen Top. wooooooots I is forever grateful because it was free event hehehe I've got no money left.

I don't even know how my feet could stand for a very long long time for two days straight. but now my feet is hurting sobssss.

ukiss performed on 25th. and of course, they are awesome awesome AWESOME. and yay! I've get to see kevin in person. you beautiful person, kevin yahhhhhhh :D 0330 is so so so good live woooooo ಥ⌣ಥ watching them performed live, forever crying in happiness.

teentop and dalshabet performed on the next day (26th). teentop sang going crazy twice, one for the encore. they were so close to me during the encore. ljoe smiled at me.hohoho his beautiful smile~ (I know he smiled randomly but I'm going to believe he smiled for me) he has such a tiny face, I love you, let noona squish you ljoe :D

my heart is contented, I is happy fangirl :D so who's next? come come.

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