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Friday, December 24, 2010 | 0 comments
그래요 Hello, Hello 귀여운 나의 천사여.
|Jang Geun Seuk, Hello Hello
Mary Stayed Out All Night OST

ohhh just few more days till we say goodbye to December and farewell 2010.
hello 2011 ! please treat me nice again, we're friend right?

and Christmas is nearer. no, it's tomorrow. :O

naaaah, I didn't celebrate it but I love the TV programs on Christmas. wooooh. this is what I waiting for :)

and New Year. I don't need anything new, I want to stay the same. can't I?
but sometimes people said changes are better, I don't really know. but anyhow we gonna see what's going to happen.

wait a second. I do have a wish for this new year.
can I marry Jaejin? pretty pleaseeeee. muahaha, you wish.

and oh yeah, new semester. this January 3rd. -______-

and Lunar New Year is approaching real soon. I wonder if we have CNY holidays? because our university didn't even have Chinese here. but I do want the holiday. please? I begging you.

oh well.

I guess this is a bye for now.
see you soon :)