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jee jee jeeeeeeeeeeeee~
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | 0 comments
teringin nak pergi belajar luar negara.

pfffffft. blahlah kau lu, duduk pilah pon asyikasyik nak balik. ini nak pergi luar negara.
ok, study abroad. I do think about it, but maybe it's not the best time, tunggu ko dah tualah lu, time ko nak sambung master ke, phD ke, I think if you want to go at that time, I will let you go, lu.
hahahaha. :)

so, for now just stay here. finish your diploma first and the most important is you have to finish your semester 1 first. :p (part 1 pon tak habis lagi, dah fikir jauhjauh)

nak tahu tak, last night I got speaking test, and FYI, I hate to speak especially in English because I think my pronunciation is bad you know. aihhhhhhh~ and I think I screwed up that test. ohhh English, I love you when it comes to writing but when it comes to speak, I despise you.

lagi satu, semalam ada heart to heart conversation. muahahahaha, lega sikit ohh. fuh fuh fuh :)
so, today, I think I can smile wider than yesterday. wooooot :)) I don't think I should give up yet because life will give you surprises when you are least expected, right? so, I should have wait a little longer. have faith in myself, because I think I deserve that, okay lu? promise okay? hahaha :D

today class starts at 2pm. YAY YAY YAY!