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Monday, February 01, 2010 | 0 comments
uh hello February.

what should I write? mollayo~
I want to start to learn myself because honestly I didn't even know myself. well, ummm. . .

1) I'm a crybaby. haha. I cried when I'm sad, I cried when I'm too happy, I cried when I'm pissed off, I cried when listening to sad songs, I cried when I watched sad movie, I cried when I reading books and fanfictions, I cried when I'm alone. and sometimes I cried for no reason- just because I feel like want to cry.

2) I have a weird habit- I'm talking to myself duh. usually occurs when I'm alone. I hope this is not the symptom leading to mental problem. talking to myself sometimes help me see things clearly. but it just too embarrassing when someone caught me in action. ceh!

3) I'm spoilt, and lazy. I admit that I rarely did any chores. and I don't even know how to cook. I like to order people do things for me. jjang!

4) I sing even me, myself know that my voice is suck. I dance all the way I want even people criticized me. heck no, I don't care. well there is sometime when I'm thinking back it is really embarrassing when someone saw that. But I still do it anyway. (I'm shameless)