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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | 0 comments
one more day, just one more day and then HOLIDAY! well, tomorrow is Biology 3 and EST 2. have to do the best for Bio paper 3 because I screwed paper 1 and paper 2. but I don't have mood to study for now.
I found my old CD today when I tidy up my room. so, I watched A millionaire's first love. and walao I cried again. beautiful story, beautiful song, great actor and actress -I do love this story.

The scene where Eun Hwan is dying is so so so so so so so so sad.

Eunhwan : Since when?
Jaekyung : What?
Eunhwan : That you love me.
Jaekyung : Since the moment I saw you. I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything for you.
Eunhwan : Pabo. You've brought me happiness. I'm sleepy. Let me sleep some. For 3 minutes.
Eunhwan :Yeah. I love you.
Jaekyung: Eun-whan, it's the first snow. Sleep for 3 minutes. Only for 3 minutes.

and then she died.

plus, insa is such a beautiful song. the first song I love from DBSK and the translation make me cry.gyabo~ I need tissues.

[Translation] DBSK- Insa (Greetings)

Even that time..when the wind blows,
For me it is not enough,
I smile one more time,
I give my final greeting,
I love you.

Even though I am tired,
Even though love is painful,
Even though those time are now just memories,
My final greeting,
I still have to give you,
I love you.

Fly away, fly away love,
In my afterlife, I will greet my love again.