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my happy day^^
Friday, September 12, 2008 | 0 comments
nothing much happened in school today!!
studied at school like usual!!
sue was absent today!!she said agama lesson is important!!
but she didn't came today
but when we asked her to skip school yesterday,
she don't want to join us!!hoyoh2!!

already got my name tag!!it's radon's name tag!!
and i also steal ordered jaejin's name tag!!
love it!!

then i asked meg to do this-->
drawing of me and jaejin*blushing*

credit to meg for her awesome talents!!

ustazah said if u didn't pay if you owe someone,it is a sin!!!
so,draw me my jaejin,k??

after school,we had to practice for choir!!
we gonna perform this monday..
but only a few people attend!!hoyoh!!
hopefully,people will not boo us this monday!!!

another important news!!
this news really made me happy!!^^

FT Island was asked by interviewer,,*i don't know who is the MC*
which one do you prefer,the younger or the older girl??

and the result is..

Jonghoon,Hongki and Jaejin answered--->younger girl!!
say YAY to me!!coz i'm YOUNGER than jaejin!!hahahahaha
i don't know why jaejin had changed his mind!!
coz he had admit that he like older girl before!!

and Wonbin and Minhwan answered-->older girl!!
i'm sorry,fuzy..i can't do anything if my big and fat bro like older girl!!
remember,you are really young!!and i'm your sunbae<---random talks^^

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