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Monday, September 08, 2008 | 0 comments
so let's talk about today!
at assembly,
some students of 4 alpha was acted in drama
'Merdekakan Cinta Ratna'!!
u guys are awesome!!
fuzy was really touching watching that drama!!
needs to supply a lot of tissue to her!!

in History,
coz principal not in school,
so Mrs.Tamilarasi came to teach us!!
it was damn boring!!
i will prefer Principal teaches us than her!

BM period-
we have to do rumusan,
but i think we[the KINGs + robek]
didn't really paid attention to teachers and kept talking!!
and bcoz we talked about our secret mission
then robek always ask me:what u guys want to do?,what's wrong?what is it?Tell me!!
then i just replied:COMING SOON!

Bio-teacher absent today..
i was so happy coz we got a lot of free time!
but,my hope was destroyed when we had to learn Physics in BIO period!!
another boring time!!cannot catch up what teacher teaches in front!

i lost all my energy in add math time!
still not do the exercises!!
so lazy!!i'm really a slacker!!

EST-like usual my besh fwend,Dial Jit taught us!!

then,after the bell rang,we need to practice for choir!
still, i had to do the soprano voice!!
needs Hongki to teach me vocal*ceh*
never mind,Jaejin and wonbin also can teach me!!

we found Ruki clone in school today!!
Ruki=En Anuar*that pervert teacher*
Jaejin=Sir Arassu*actually i objected.better choose Dial Jit than him*
still searching for kyo's clone!!

my head is spinning right now!!
but i didn't touch my homeworks yet!!
and my English orals too!!the articles is too long to memorize!!
but the article is interesting!!it's about teenagers!!
why they don't have articles about FT Island in newspaper??
if they got,surely i can memorize all of it!!hehehehe

CREDITS; on pic + Daum + aibinniex @

Jaejin wore raincoat??weird Jaejin^^

CREDITS; Maybeelover Daum Cafe + aibinniex @

just want to make fuzy jealous!!hehehehe!!
who is that girl??kinda familiar to me!!
eik??wonbin wore his sleeveless again!!
maybe he just come home from slimming centre!!
that's why he managed to wore sleeveless again!!
hahahahahahahahaha*evil laugh*