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with my cousins!!^^
Friday, August 22, 2008 | 0 comments
so tired today!!
i went out with my cousins!!and makngah also!!
it's been long time since last time we went out together!!>_< style="font-style: italic;" size="2">at home before went out
then we went to the game place at JJ coz my little cousin want to play
and guess what??my BIG cousin also want to play!!
and she is 21 years old..kekekekeke

i bought new comic!!and it's hilarious..hahahahahahaha

we went to Warung Santai at Tesco to eat!!
and my makngah treat happy..
thanks Makngah!!

this is Abangngah-->

Abang long..huhuhuhu
Amin and Kak Lang..
makngah <3

it was really happy went out together with family!!
better do it again next time!!!