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whatever i wrote!!
Sunday, August 31, 2008 | 0 comments
result of stress

my computer doesn't love me anymore!!T^T
it's keep shut down automatically!!
yah..ajuoshi..plz don't do this to me!!
i think this is the time to change to new computer!!
but i have to save my money first!!
so many things to buy!!and i don't have enough money!!
coz if there anything i want,i need to use my own money!!
my parent is so stingy!!TOT
damn..i can see my money flew away!!
oh money,plz don't leave me!!i love you sooooo much!!

it's merdeka day today!!
it's 51st years of merdeka!!huhuhuhu..
i just want to say that i really thanked to all warriors that fight for our independent last time!!
i really appreciate your good deeds!!
i waited for the fireworks last night,
but i only can see from Dataran Merdeka only!
KLCC??no fireworks this year!!
owh..myb i slept too early??
then in the morning,
watching perarakan at tv only.
i don't have chance to watch it live!!

feel so lonely today!!
coz i felt everyone is just missing!!
or myb i'm the one who missing??
i only stay at home today!!not going out!!

it's holiday!!only 1 day of holiday!!
when i'm in school,i always wait for holidays to come!!
but when holidays,i feel like i want to go to school!!
what am i talking about!!nonsence!!

the Ramadan already started!!
another one month until Hari raya!!yeyeyeyeye
to all muslims around the world,,
Happy Ramadan!!