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my saTurday's liFe
Saturday, August 09, 2008 | 0 comments
let's go!!

it's Saturday!!
but we had to go to school!!*ruined my holiday T^T*
only 14 out of 25 pupils present today!

just doing random things today!
on English period,we learned Comprehension!
u know wut,aideel gave the marker to ZAHARAH!!
but,she rejected him and gave the marker to meg!
poor belut!

then,in agama period,ustazah told us to do our own revision!

around 9.50,ustazah told us to go for recess!
we went to toilet at blok baru first,
and heard Pn Zaleha told form five students it is not recess time.
we just checked and saw Chi and Dadah also went down!
so,we just went to eat and talking about our plan and budget for coming holidays!
then,Fuzy said that she want to buy drink and was on the way to canteen,
but we saw no one in canteen or everywhere.
i thought that we just went up late,but then they said that it is REALLY not recess time!
so,we just continue our BM lesson..but after a few minutes,
the bell rang,we went down!for second time for recess!!
and we just bought drinks and talking bout random things!
and Fuzy can't stop talking bout marrying a millionaire!
we can't blame her!money is really important!

lastly is Chemistry lesson,
we just did a few exercises!
then,sue came to our class,
reedzalak yelled to her:Sue,nak susu!

actually,we decided to go to CM today!
but Avanza has waiting for us outside!
and we can't decided whether to go to CM or not.
finally,LAZY overcome everything!
so we just decided to go home by AVANZA!
[conclusion:we're LAZY]
Fuzy and me had to do some marathon to catch meg and sue in front!

we stopped at the 7-11.
and i bought Rocky!!
but it's so expensive*unsatisfied*
usually i bought only for rm1.50
but today i had to pay rm 2.00 for it!fuzy's products[polka dot cow]