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grrrrrr..i'm so aNGry!!
Friday, August 01, 2008 | 0 comments
i dun know why everybody in this world had become so RUDE!!!
are they never learned bout moral values at school??

today,as usual i went home by taxi!!
it was indian uncle who drove that taxi!!!
so,when it comes to corner,i ask the uncle to turn right!!
but,he turn to left!!
then,he get mad coz he said that it's my fault not to say to him earlier..
then,i said i told u already!!
but he felt unsatisfied!!so he kept babbling..bla..bla!!
so..the uncle made me angry..i can't stand it anymore!!
so i just yelled to him.."THE PROBLEM IS I ALREADY TOLD U"

then,once again..he made mistakes when i told him to turn right!!
so,when i went out from the cab,
i said to my friend that the uncle never went to school before..
so he doesn't know about direction!!
but the problem is he can't blamed for the mistakes he did!!
and,btw,isn't it customers always right??

aaaah..feel so relieve after letting all the angers out!!
*happy again*

laalalalalalalaa!!tu bulan!!*trademark Reedzal*