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whAt the heck??!!
Sunday, June 15, 2008 | 0 comments
PPIM's activities is really interesting!!
i love it!!!
hopefully,there will be more activities soon!!

It's a lie!!

hate it!!
i don't like the activities!!
i don't like cooking!!
i can't cook*opps*

There is 'person' that always instruct me to do this and that.
so i just do!!*for the sake of my group*
but when i made mistakes,she's angry to me with her fucking face!!!
i said already,i can't cook!!
Then i stop doing any work,i just sit and relax..
Let her doing all the jobs..hahahahaah..
serves her right!!!

i dun want to be selfish..
but she forced me!!

that's ok..
as long as i'm happy!!
i dun care people called me selfish!!