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Still failing at life but YOLO.
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Thursday, June 05, 2008 | 0 comments
at last,
TicketCharge had called me
and told me to take my cheque!!!

hahahahahaha*sooooooooooo happy*
~congratulations congratulations~lalalalalala^^

Finally,i will get my money!!!
how i gonna spend my money??>_<
better make a list!!!
*i can be a crazy person when talked bout money!!!*($_$)

btw,i met zul today!!
He told us that someone had robbed him yesterday!!*omo*
They took his handphone n money~~

haiya..this world is not safe anymore!!
To those who robbed him,i hope you will die in terrible way!!

Bcoz of him*stupid robber*,
we cannot watch movie today!!
We just hanging around today at playground!!
and went for drink at Mamak!!