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A girl with Peterpan complex.
Still trying to figure out life...but what the heck is life anyway?
我爱some kind of books, fanfictions, shoujo manga, all sorts of drama, band music, acoustic songs, FT Island and cats.
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knock knock
Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 0 comments
Hello? (wipes all the dust that had accumulated.)

It's been so long and I am here to report this week will be the final week of lecture for the third year and this Friday, there will be poster presentation for my final year project. wish me luck. 

wehooooo, the draft for le poster.

Thesis almost done, fortunately. I would like to give the greatest thanks to my supervisor for the constant reminders to start writing the thesis. Without all the fears and worries, I may still be procrastinating till the dateline. hah.

Final exam starts next week on Thursday and not ounce of preparation has been done yet. I am so doomed but I'll survive this. 

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible."
- Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Third year is almost done. Looking forward to the clinical year (read: 4th and last).

Chamomilla recutita...what?
Friday, December 25, 2015 | 0 comments
shot right through my heart and soul.

what I feel while studying cognosy.
all those chemical structure, they are very lot to know. the name of those compounds, their structures themselves, the common name of plants, their scientific names, the clinical uses.

yet I don't make enough effort to know them better, when all these are actually important, well maybe not now but in future.

it's the first paper for this semester. it's killing me slowly but I am still strong. I still have time. let's do the best, self.

when so many people put their trust and hope in you, why it is still very hard to believe in yourself?

break a leg, lulu.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 | 0 comments
I think my mentality and my skin just reach its puberty. There were some times I acted too childish. I feel like rebelling these past few days. And when the harm was done, guilty strucked me but my pride is too big, I don't want to ask for forgiveness. but damn it's not my fault to begin with. But I did make things worse by behaving that way. Still....

and damn this acnes and pimples. y u no came out when I was a teen, at least I have puberty reason. now I look awkward with all these adult acnes.

on the bright side, hey I'm enjoying this korean drama; Bubblegum. Usually there are few reasons why I watch a drama.
and this drama has everything I like. For now, I think it is interesting. Lee Dongwook is to die for because he looks so cute and his character is very sweet. And I like Jung ryeowon's outfits, damn she's pretty. Their chemistry is very good (thumbs up) and I like the environment of this drama, I think it's lively and beautiful.

I was laughing the whole time watching Dongwook and his sugar-filled sweetness I could be diabetic Type 2 for him.

life is very sweet in the middle of the storm. heh.
need to write my literature review. and all other things need to be done. gulp.

semester break in summary
Friday, August 14, 2015 | 0 comments
I watched this Taiwan drama called Murphy's Law of Love as a way to improve my mandarin and preparing for the next semester mandarin class (it is an excuse). I guess I miss the feelings of watching a drama full of cheesiness. hahaha it's cheesy but it's okay since it's cute. afterall I need some cheesiness in my very dull life right now. lol.

semester break is almost over... and I need to be prepared to welcome third year as openly as I can because it is going to be hardest year. well, that's the kinda thing I heard from others. They said if you can go through the third year, then no worries, you are safe to graduate.

O god, give me strength that I think I never have so I can safely go through every obstacles. please.

and what I've done this semester break? heh not much really. because my definition of holiday means getting comfy at home. I don't really like going out. mostly I am hibernating indoor. wear pajama and drama marathon all day, without caring how horrid I looked. best feelings ever!

went for one-day-food-hunting trip to Penang with elfs. good food bring out the happy me. fetched qilah from airport the next day. went to Dip n Dip with elfs and straight to Putrajaya to rollerskate for the first time. pfttttt very noob weih.  karaoke-ing few times with my permanent partner of crime; fazi. went to Sweet Tree for korean food with meg and fazi. the place is too cozy I feel like sleeping there.

and alsoooo welcoming my newborn nephew, Noah Miqael. awwww Tiyuy is very happy to see you.

well I'm with people that I like so I am very content. that's the thing that matter the most.

goodbye for now.

oh please god hear me
Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 1 comments
"o please god hear me
I can't do anything"

I love how FT Island's song is always close to my heart. 
how time flies, you guys had been with me since I was like 15. only after such a long time you all get the permission to do album just the way you wanted it to be. 
Imma proud primadonna.  'pray' is perfect. so perfect I'm gonna cry.
well done boys.